Operations Section

A store employee at a small shopping mall discovers a package leaking a noxious smelling chemical in a storage room. No one is sure how long the box has been there, or how long it has been leaking. Employees and customers are beginning to complain about feeling lightheaded and nauseous. The business owner calls 911. In the meantime, the mall security manager arrives to see why people are rushing out of the store. The security manager establishes the initial ICS organization.

In this ICS organization, the mall security manager has assumed which role? What actions would you take in that role? How would you secure the scene, manage illness, and control risks?

A Battalion Chief and hazmat team arrive at the scene. In addition, a law enforcement patrol car with one officer has arrived to help with perimeter control.

What must happen before the HazMat Battalion Chief assumes the Incident Commander role?

To Maintain span of control as the incident expands, the Incident Commander establishes an Operations Section.

What is the title of the person in charge of the Operations Section? What is the role of the Operations Section in this scenario?

After the first hour, the Incident Commander establishes a second Section that will develop the Incident Action Plan and track the status of resources on the scene.

What is the correct title of this section?

In an interview, the business owner mentions that she has received threats from a recently terminated employee. The substance has yet to be identified. Given these circumstances, there is a need to find witnesses and locate people who may have come in contact with the package. Interview areas have been set up in the mall parking lot. There are an increasing number of response personnel at the scene, creating the need for communications support along with other supplies.

Which section is responsible for providing these support resources? Beyond communications support, what other items or services may need to be provided?

Cleanup is complete, and the few exposed customers and staff have been located and are undergoing treatment. The operation is now shifting to an ongoing investigation of the disgruntled former employee.

Which resources would you demobilize and why?

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